About OriginalHealth.net

OriginalHealth.net is a dual language website. We have posts in English and German, but the German-language posts definitely outweigh those in English.

Additionally, most posts in English are brief. We don’t want to rephrase well-formulated articles and studies just to have something to write about. That is why our posts provide only a very brief summary and a link to the original for when you want to read the article in full.

Posts in German are generally longer and provide in-depth summaries of interesting articles and studies in English.

So, now that you understand why we have posts in German and English, a bit about our philosophy.

We believe that the single biggest contributor to optimum, original health is your diet.

We advocate eating real foods, foods that our great-grandparents would have recognized and cherished, foods that are full of nutrients. That means animals that were raised and fed naturally. Cows and chickens should be pasture-fed, not fed fish meal or grains only. Vegetables and fruits should be fresh or fermented, not canned with corn syrup for extra sweetness. We also tend towards a Paleo-style diet.

We hope you enjoy this website. Feel free to drop us a note and let us know what you think. In the meantime:

Eat healthy and exercise well.